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There are 2 open positions at this time listed below.  Thank you for looking.


P/T County Express Drivers in Fort Morgan:

Position is up to 29 hours per week with starting wage of $10.50 per hour benefits and PERA Retirement.
Must have a valid drivers’ license and be able to pass a background check and drug screen.
Deadline for applications is April 24 1017 at 5PM.
Applications can be found online at www.necalg.com or can be picked up and dropped off at 231 main Street ste 211, Fort Morgan, CO 80701 or emailed to kellyr@necalg.com. For questions call Kelly at (970)867-9409 ext. 238.

NECALG is an Equal Opportunity Employer


County Express Driver Job Description
County Express Drivers must have excellent driving ability and have the ability to work with supervisors, dispatchers and other drivers. Drivers must have the ability to work with mentally and physically handicapped, and economically disadvantaged passengers all while being courteous and punctual. At times this position can be stressful or possibly dangerous situations. Safety is the Drivers primary focus.


1. Be prompt, dependable and courteous at all times
2. Be able to respond intelligently to emergencies about both vehicle and passenger.
3. Inspect the vehicle at the beginning and the end of each shift and prepare a pre-post trip report. (No short cuts) When you sign the pre-post trip report you are signing a legal document.
4. Post-trip report includes:
     A. Fueling.

     B. Cleaning (sweeping, general cleanup)
5. Drivers should be aware of any mechanical problems that need attention and make this information available to the operations/ maintenance personnel. If maintenance is not available notify the Administrative assistant.
6. Maintain neat, accurate and complete records of operations and time.
Maintain neat and clean appearance at all times. You must wear badges at all times of operation and will be in County Express shirt or Jacket.
Never cross the threshold in any private residence.
8. Must maintain client confidentiality at all times
9. No use of Cell phones while operating County Express Vehicles.
10. Ability to work cooperatively as part of the County Express Team
11. Ability to work efficiently and pleasantly under pressure
12. Ability to make decisions with good judgment
13. Ability to drive a vehicle skillfully and efficiently in all traffic and weather circumstances
14. Through knowledge of all traffic regulations and vehicle operator laws and regulations
15. Thorough knowledge of safety rules and precautions to be practical in avoiding accidents
16. Proficient use of lift, wheelchair, radios and other special equipment
17. Assist passengers in entering and exiting vehicles safely


P/T Cook Manager in Wray.

Part-time positions are available for a Cook Manager at the Wray 55 and over club in Wray. The Cook Manager position is for 25 hours a week with a starting wage of $10.00 -$12.00 per hour, BOQ. You may call Sherry Jones at 970-867-9409 ext 231 for an application and job description.

Cook Manager duties

The Cook/Manager shall be responsible to the Area Agency on Aging Director and the Nutrition Director for all phases of meal preparation at the Title III Meet and Eat meal site.
Responsible for making sure the preparation of the meals at the Meet and Eat meal site are nutritious and attractive, sanitation and health and safety regulations are known, ability to supervise others and to be able to do the required paperwork.
Nutrition Director and the Area Agency on Aging Director is immediate supervisor.  Has supervision over the Assistant Cook, and Cook’s Helper.
Examples of Important and Essential Duties
SDE    1.  Knowledge of quantity cooking in all areas (main dishes, vegetables, fruits, salads and baking).
SDE    2.  Timely organization of meal preparation.
SDE    3.  Supervising employees and volunteers.
MANE   4.  Supervising public service worker and Department of Human Service program workers.
MDE    5.  Ability to keep a Perpetual Inventory.
MDE    6.  Ability to do production and worksheets accurately. 
MME    7.  Take a physical inventory at the end of each month.
MME    8.  Reconcile physical inventory with perpetual at the end of each month.
MAE    9.  Ability to order major food and consumable supplies for a long period of time.
MWE   10. Ability to order produce and dairy products weekly.
MAE   11. Put freight away in appropriate areas.
SDNE  12. Clean-up kitchen; cleaning and sanitizing of work areas.
SDNE  13. Clean refrigerator, freezers, stoves, hoods, store rooms, etc.
OAE   14. Attend mandatory trainings. 
MDNE  15. Help serve on the food line.
MDNE  16. Help load and unload satellite-site food carriers.
SDE   17. Use recipes provided and call Nutrition Director if adjustments are necessary.
SDE   18. Make sure portion control is maintained.
SDE   19. Make sure hot foods are hot (above 140 degrees), and cold foods are cold (below 40 degrees).
OANE  20. Lift between 10 and 50 pounds.
SDE   21. Be able to stand for long periods of time.
SDE   22. Knowledge of commercial equipment (mixers, stoves, ovens, dishwashers, slicer, etc.).
SDNE  23. Portion satellite meals.
OANE  24. See that laundry is done.
OANE  25. Work with health inspector and repairmen.
SDE   26. Understand why menus have to meet dietary guidelines.
SDE   27. If there is not an assistant cook, their duties are to be done also.
OAE   28. Compose a list of substitute cooks to fill in for vacations, illnesses, and other leaves.
MDNE  29. Check dining room for cleanliness.
Perform related duties and responsibilities as required.
Job-Related and Essential Qualifications
Knowledge of:
            Quantity Cooking
            Commercial kitchen equipment
            Weights and measures for large amounts of food
            Economical purchasing of food
            Dietary Guidelines
Ability to:
            Supervise other workers
            Supervise volunteers
            Ability to be flexible
            Have organizational skills
            Paperwork done in a timely manner
            Do heavy lifting
            Stand for long periods of time
Experience and Training
Any combination of experience and training that would likely provide the required knowledge and
Experience:  Experience in food management in quantity cooking.
Training:    One or more years training in quantity food cooking.
             Current ServSafe Training Certification
Valid Driver’s License

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