History & Funding for Health Programs

For the Fiscal Year from March 1, 2009 to February 28, 2010, the operating budget for the CSBG Program was $129,500.

For the fiscal year ending February 28, 2010, the Community Action Agency served 173 persons in Northeastern Colorado with dental and eye-care services.

For FY 2010/2011 the CSBG Program contributed $13,500 to various food banks and emergency assistance programs in Northeastern Colorado. The number of clients served through these sub-grantees totaled 3,251.

NECALG will receive a total of $179,272 from July 1st, 2009 through September 15, 2010 to reduce poverty, revitalize low income communities, and help low income families become self sufficient through the American Recovery and Reinvestment (ARRA). NECALG will partner with local entities for education and employment training projects that eliminate barriers to employment.

The following projects were selected for ARRA funding:

  • Community Gardens
    • A maximum of $21,728 will be reimbursed the program that will teach participants how to grow their own food. Workshops will enable participants to develop a business opportunity, supplement their income, and practice a life long skill.
  • Morgan Community College
    • A contract for $33,678 has been approved for the implementation of a Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor I and II Curriculum.
    • ARRA funds will be used to convert the State required curriculum into college courses and to work with clinical sites that accept students who successfully complete the coursework.
  • Phillips County Family Education Services
    • A contract was approved for $8,760 to facilitate English as a Second Language Program with the Workplace Plus-Living and Working in English curriculum.
  • Small Business Development Center
    • The contract was approved with a goal of enhancing individual employability, add skills necessary for employment and teach life skills that will benefit job seekers.
  • Northeastern Junior College
    • $35,000 was approved for the "Step into the Future" accelerated courses that focus on a career/employment pathway.
    • To accomplish this goal, a job skills specialist (Navigator) will operate as a liaison among various entities in an effort to move the individual client into employment.
  • Rural Solutions
    •  A $41,114 contract was approved to develop the "Bridges out of Poverty/Getting Ahead" curriculum for sites in Northeastern Colorado. This program teaches basic skills, connects participants to resources, and empowers people to change their lives.
  • One Morgan County
    • The contract was approved for $13,705 to provide interpersonal training for students. Students can improve communication and relation skills that will carry over to the workplace.
    • The coursework will improve the likelihood that English Language Learners will be welcomed as customers and have increased opportunities for employment.
  • Caring Ministries of Morgan County
    • Provides crisis intervention, in-house counseling and case management for clients. ARRA funds will be used to enhance case management for income qualified clients by utilizing a computer based budgeting program called Money Smart.
    • The life skills programs involve resume building, interview strategies, how to dress, the ability to recognize one's weaknesses and strengths, problem solving skills, and accepting responsibility.
    • A maximum of $20,000 for the enhanced Case Management of clients who are recently unemployed has been approved.