History & Funding for Area Agency on Aging

Each FY the Area Agency on Aging Nutrition program averages over 75,000 meals served to our seniors! (43,000 congregate meals and 32,000 home delivered meals) Each year our volunteers help us by providing over 22,000 hours of in-kind service to the Meet and Eat sites. Without these volunteers, the budget for Senior Services would have to increase by 20% or approximately $200,000 to provide the same level of services.

The Area Agency on Aging also provides many other services to the seniors of N.E. Colorado. Serving over 1200 seniors annually with programs to help them live independtly and healthy.

History & Funding for Single Entry Point

The SEP "Long Term Care Services" provides services to over 700 up to 1000 clients per year. The SEP services are for all those diabled, ages 18-59 & 60 + years of age. A Single Entry Point (SEP) is a single access or entry point agency within a local area where certain Medicaid-eligible clients and potential clients can obtain information on and be screened for long term care services and supports (LTSS) These agencies conduct functional assessments, make referrals to apprpriate programs, complete functional eligibility determinations for LTSS and provide case management. SEP's serve the elderly, persons with disabilities, persons with mental health needs, persons living with AIDS, persons with brain and spinal cord injuries, children with a life-limiting illness and children with a physical disability.

  • 225-300 clients in Logan County
  • 225-300 clients in Morgan County
  • 35-80 clients in Phillips County
  • 30-60 clients in Sedgwick County
  • 40-60 clients in Washington County
  • 145-200 clients in Yuma County

Budget & Staff

The Annual SEP budget averages $900,000 and includes services for all of our N.E. Colorado clients. Staffing for the SEP program consists of 10 full time case managers, 1 full time supervisor and the AAA / SEP Program Director.