County Express: Funding

How is County Express funded?

County Express is funded through a combination of Local, State and Federal Government Programs including the following:

  • Section 5309, A Discretionary Grant for the purchase of Vehicles and Facilities
  • Section 5310, Purchase of Vehicles for the elderly and disabled
  • Section 5311, Operation Funding for Transit systems
  • Job Access Reverse Commute Program
  • Temporary Assistance to Needy Families
  • Title III of the Older American’s Act
  • Medicaid Reimbursement for Non-Emergent Medical Transportation
  • Governors Rural Health Initiative.

NECALG has developed a public-private partnership with Banner Health, and contracts for service with Nursing Homes, and Assisted Living Facilities.

Private Foundations

Since funding is the foundation for the delivery of human services, it is appropriate to acknowledge the private contributors to County Express. The following is a list of Private Foundations that have awarded grants to County Express for the purchase of vehicles or operation of the transit system:

Anschutz Family Foundation

Bloedorn Foundation

Buckley Trust (Chappell, Nebraska)

Caring for Colorado

Campbell Foundation

Dahms-Talton Foundation

Daniels Fund

El Pomar Foundation

Kitzmiller/Bales Trust

Joslin-Needham Trust

Petteys Family Foundation

Stretesky Trust

United Way of Logan County

Anschutz Family Foundation Grant

Sue Anschutz-Rodgers, President of the Anschutz Family Foundation, has announced a $10,000 grant to the Northeastern Colorado Association of Local Governments for operation of a rural transportation system in Northeastern Colorado. The funds are unrestricted and can be used for operating expenses as defined in the application to the Foundation Board.

Executive Director, Larry Worth noted,

"A transit system is more than the hours, trips, and miles. It is more than securing funding to operate programs. For many, it is the life blood to good health and to an improved quality of life.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to express appreciation for the grant award from the Anschutz Family Foundation. I would like to accept the award on behalf of the drivers, dispatchers and administrative support personnel who provide customer service for the clients of the agency."